It started with teenager's curiosity and a jar full of coins. Shane and his mother counted out $300 in change; just enough to afford an electric guitar, an amp, and a month of guitar lessons. That curiosity turned into a passion overnight and Shane began studying the guitar under the direction of John Madden. By age fifteen he was performing live at many venue's. Shane soon realized that if he was going to find a career in the music business he would have to learn to sing and write songs. In 2009 he started a band called the Makeshift with members Matthew Kilby, Drew Broughton, and Evan Forbes. They released two albums We Are Young and Running Out of Time (2010) and Say You Don't Love Me (2012). In recent years the band needed to take time off for higher education. All members of the Makeshift pursued degrees in music at four different universities in four different states. Shane moved to Chicago in 2010 to attend Columbia College Chicago for Instrumental Performance and graduated in 2014. He has had the privilege of sharing the stage with many major label affiliated performers such as BOY, Brendan James, and Steven Fiore. Currently he is working on his first solo album.