In addition to my own original works and performance, I love working with friends and new artists. Over the past few years I've been apart several bands and have enjoyed performing and co-writing many songs. Below are other projects that I've had the pleasure of being apart of. 

Adam Barley 

Adam and I met back in 2016 through a professional exchange. We gave each other music lessons in voice and guitar and found quickly that we had a lot of common interest in wanting to grow as songwriters and friends. Currently we're cutting Adam's debut album set be released late 2018/early 2019. 

The Give and Take

Keesha Mackey is one of my favorite co-writing and gigging partners in crime. Back in 2015 we met working as the worship band for a Mount Pleasant church. We began meeting outside of church to work on Beatles and Stevie Wonder covers. 

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The Makeshift

The Makeshift is an experimental rock band formed with my long time friends Matthew Kilby, Charlie Kendall, Evan Forbes, Drew Broughton and Margaret Starr. Currently we're all living in different cities and aren't active at the moment. But there have been talks of a Makeshift reunion album.